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buyinga manufactured home

  • Buyer Beware

    Five things to protect yourself.

    Home inspections.

    True or false, banks and parks do home inspections?
    That would be approximately 85% false. The bank may send out an appraiser, not an inspector. He is there to determine value not structural integrity. As far as the park goes, they may do what's referred to as a “Park Compliance”. This will generally deal only with items on the outside of the home. When making an offer on a home you should ask for a copy of this.

    Company reputation.

    How long they have they been in business and what people have to say about them is extremely important. Check reviews!!!

    Sales person.

    Do they listen to you? Are they selling you or are they taking the time to educate you? Do they share both the advantages and disadvantages of the different homes and parks that you've inquired on? Do they make recommendations or do they make demands?

    Manufactured home community.

    Also referred to as manufactured or mobile home parks. The park you pick can be just as (or more) important than the home you pick when it comes livability and your future happiness! Ask for a five-year rent increase history, this typically is a good indicator as to what to expect in the future. Shelter cost, particularly in Oregon, are going to go up no matter what housing you choose. Property taxes and other fees go up on traditional housing and of course rents go up on both apartments and manufactured home communities. The question is how much and how does that fit with your needs?

    Lastly and maybe most importantly . . .


    Call around and compare the answers you get to these questions and others that you have with the answers you were given by your sales person, mortgage broker, community manager etc. A little homework can save a lot of heartache.

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