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marketing your home

  • Selling Manufactured Homes

    Seller, Do's and Don'ts of Selling your home and picking the best person, company to sell it.

    Wright Choice Homes is dedicated to provide the best service in selling manufactured homes.  We provide you with way to get top dollar in the sell of your manufactured home.

    Listed below are important things to consider before marketing your home as well as some simple do's and don’ts at the bottom. Enjoy!!!

    DON’T: Don’t automatically assume it is best to go with OR without an agent. Call and compare two or three different companies. Interview them; you are hiring them after all. How do they value your home? What are they basing it off of, What services do they offer for their commission and what is their commission? The ultimate question they need to answer is why you should choose them? If they cannot answer that, then they have not earned your business.

    DO: Ask Questions of a Company & Agent Who Will Represent You

    1. Price: What price do they recommend AND WHY?
    2. Services: What do they have to offer both you and the buyer you're trying to attract?
    3. Commission: How much do they charge?
    4. Do they get it: Is their attitude one says that you for them or that work for you?       

    Are they giving you suggestions or demands?

    DO: Clean Your House For Pictures! Do you put your house on a diet. Clutter is the enemy.

    DON’T: Think twice before you put a lot of money into your home to market it. Fix the things that need to be fixed, do the little things that have a big impact and whatever else you're comfortable with and then price the home accordingly. Call an agent, (OR 2, or three) to get ideas on what not to do and what to do.

    DON’T: Don’t do a home inspection. Have the buyer hire their own inspector, that way you have made no representations and if there is a problem it will be between them and their inspector.

    DO: Let the park know you're selling your home. Many parks have what is referred to as a “Home Resale Compliance” document. It should contain any new park standards that need to be met. Many times your agent can negotiate these out with the buyer. It's important and much easier to handle these conditions before the buyer applies for park approval.

    DO: Find out about the market and how long homes are taking to sell. Not only will this help you to have realistic expectations but it also can give you an indication if you need to make adjustments to help your home sell faster.

    Check back for additional suggestions in the future.

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