If you are thinking about selling your manufactured home and want top dollar, there are a few things to think about doing before you list your home to help your agent or, if selling yourself, to help your buyer have more interest in the home.

Here's the principles.

1.) Anything you can do inexpensively to help your home show nicely.

2.) If you have a higher end home and want to get top dollar for it, the little things do matter.



 Giving your Manufactured home a tidying and cleaning before selling it is a must. Cleaning is an obvious, but giving your house a tidy or really a declutter before taking pictures really sets it apart. It's amazing how a little bit of clutter distracts from the beauty of an open kitchen, or how a cluttered wall makes a nice living room seem small. Less is more, and when selling, you want to let the buyer see the home and envision what they can do with the manufactured home for sale..

Area's to Focus on decluttering.

  • Master Bedroom
  • All Bathrooms
  • Kitchen
  • Living Room

We advise people to use their spare bedroom as their "Storage Closet" till it sells. It is best to have the rest of your manufactured home show great and have one room as a neatly organized "Junk" room so to speak. Most customers are just looking at size for the 2nd or third bedrooms so it is perfectly fine to have it packed nicely with the clutter from the rest of the house.



 Quick fixes are things that you don't necessarily need a handy-man for, but that you can go to the Home Depot or closest department store and pick it up and do it yourself. Lightbulbs, broken faceplates to light switches, chipped molding around corners, touch up walls with paint where needed, (don't go crazy, just the spots that need it). Basically, if you can make the first impression great, that puts buyers at ease.

Common Quick Fix Items

  • Light bulbs
  • Check Belly Ban(trim between skirting and the home), window trim, and corners. There are all trim pieces and are the equivelant to oil changes in a car. If these are not taken care of, it is really the first impression and people think the rest of the home is not taken care of.
  • Clean carpets thoroughly. Get rid of pet stains and odors.



 This is what we would constitute as potentially getting a handy-man for. Things such as 

  • Sueaky floors. Genereally it's tightening up lag bolts or putting a shim between the floor and ibeam.
  • Not getting Heat to part of your house, it could be the ducting has fall down(but this is rare). Usually it is a crushed crossover. You can tell if it is because one side of your house will not be heated. What happens is sometimes when moving, the crossover may be crushed, which then opens it up below so you are heating on half of your house, and underneath. The piece is usually 



Don't put a lot of money into fixing it.

Don't do custom changes that are not neutral.

Don't get an inspection.


If you have more questions about preparing your mobile or manufactured home for sale, please post on our forum and we will answer you there.


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