How to Sell Your Manufactured Home Quickly Based on Austin Real Estate Data

There’s a lot to do if you’re selling your Manufactured Home. Based on the findings of Austin Real Estate professionals, it seems as though older homes stay on the market much longer than newer homes. The NAHB believes that this is happening all across the United States, as the real estate market slowly recovers from economic difficulties. If you are planning on putting your house on the market, here are some tips that could help you land a buyer faster, without breaking the bank.

  1. Make Your Lawn as Green as Possible A green and healthy front yard makes a great first impression. Grass, trees, bushes, and flowers should all look well taken care of. So, water and maintain your front yard frequently. A front yard full of healthy plants will help keep the air clean. Additionally, a healthy front yard will make your house look appealing to prospective buyers driving around the neighborhood. If you have a particularly difficult lawn, you may want to go to the home and garden store and purchase some fertilizer or other lawn treatment product.
  2. Make the Kitchen and Bathroom Sparkle The kitchen and bathroom are two places where family members spend a lot of time. Having surfaces that are clean and smooth in these rooms is attractive to prospective buyers. Check corners and crevices for dust and dirt build-up and cracks. Look out for loose tiles, chips, and stains.
  3. Take Care of the Simple Things Yourself Check for peeling paint, loose hinges, and other features that are not positioned in the proper way. It doesn't take much time to fix up the little imperfections in your home, and it doesn't require very much carpentry experience. All you need is a few minutes a day and some basic tools. If you have plumbing or other more serious issues, be prepared to spend a little more on repairs.
  4. Take Yourself Out of the Equation You may love the violet walls in your living room, but that doesn't mean a potential homebuyer will. Unfortunately, your personal taste may be considered bad taste in the eyes of someone looking to make a large purchase on a home. Paint walls beige, very light green, or off-white. Think about doing away with faux marbling and suede in your home, as people tend to have mixed feelings about them. Try to remove as many personal touches as possible that will distract from a home’s layout.
  5. Remove Some Stuff from the House This final tip will save you some time and energy when it comes time to actually move. While you are showing your home to potential buyers, remove anything that is not functional. This means all unused furniture, knick-knacks, and hobby items. Clearing some of this stuff out of your home will let potential buyers see just how much space your home has.

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